Dragline Irrigation Hoses

Dragline irrigation hoses have a PVC inner liner and outer cover, reinforced with polyester yarn

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Dragline Irrigation Hose Manufacturers and Suppliers

Dragline Irrigation Hoses

PEX-FLEX Dragline irrigation hoses are:

  • Longitudinally reinforced to prevent stretching when dragged
  • Long lasting
  • Cut and abrasion resistant
  • UV stabilised

PEX FLEX I772 (Standard Duty)

Normal Internal Diameter (mm) 12 20
Pressure (kPa)
Working 875 800
Burst 3500 3200
Mass per meter (g) (nominal) 155 302

PEX FLEX I775 (Medium Duty)

Normal Internal Diameter (mm) 14 20
Pressure (kPa)
Working 1000 1000
Burst 4000 4000
Mass per meter (g) (nominal) 280 358

PEX FLEX I779 (Heavy Duty)

Normal Internal Diameter (mm) 20
Pressure (kPa)
Working 1000
Burst 4000
Mass per meter (g) (nominal) 396