HDPE Pipe Installers

We ensure that the service we provide is carried out to our client’s fullest satisfaction. PEXMART specialize in thermoplastic welding & installations of diversified high performance range of Plastic Pipes and Fittings. Only piping manufactured according to SABS ISO 4427 standards & specifications are used. At PEXMART we manufacture pipe products for mining, agriculture, industrial and building & civil.

Knowledge & Services in HDPE Plastic Pipes

  • Water Reticulation – Sewer and Storm Water
  • Suppliers of SABS approved HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene)pipes and fittings.
  • Fabrication and installation of bends, tee pieces, laterals and reducers.
  • Our welding methods include Butt welding, Electro fusion, Branch, Socket and extrusion welding.
  • Installation of Pipe lines and fittings (Above, Underground and Mining).
  • Repairs to pipes, fittings, tanks and linings.
  • Suppliers of Stub ends, Steel Flanges and related Fittings for HDPE products.
  • Manufacturing, supply and Installation of HDPE Manholes up to 3m Diameter.
  • Pipe cracking (re-lining) of existing Services.
  • Full fleet of Service Vehicles, Earth moving machinery, Excavators, Compactor and Pumps required for Civil Market.
  • Advisory service by qualified personnel with many years experience.
  • Consulting Services.

HDPE Pipe Liner Installation

Pexmart lined pipe systems is a multinational company located in Pretoria, South Africa, specializing in pipeline construction, internal HDPE pipe lining, pipe rehabilitation and plastic pipe systems.

Pexmart senior management group brings together a wealth of collective experience in Plastic extrusion and pipeline construction, with industry expertise in costing, planning and project management. The management group is well supported by a dedicated and skilled administration team and our directors play an active role in all areas of the business. What also sets Pexmart apart is our commitment to our staff. We strive to attract and retain experienced personnel to facilitate balanced growth and promote a culture of continuous improvement. As a result we have a strong core team of loyal, highly skilled employees who have a “can do” attitude and are focused on achieving successful outcomes for our customers.

Pexmart lined pipe systems are ideal for corrosive and abrasive products such as acid water, crude oil, slurry, wet gas, raffinate and effluent. HDPE liner provides old or new steel pipes with greater strength and protection from erosion and corrosion by closing off the steel pipe inside walls from the flow.

crane truck
crane truck

Loading with crane truck - Project: Botswana - DN400 x 18.29m Lth HDPE lined steel pipe - internally HDPE line with 12mm PE100 Virgin material.

Performance benefits of HDPE combined with the strength of steel

Pexmart lined pipe systems is a multinational company located in Pretoria, South Africa, specializing in pipeline construction, internal HDPE pipe lining, pipe rehabilitation and plastic pipe systems. In recent years Pexmart lined pipe systems has refined the process of lining steel pipelines with high density polyethylene liners to the extended where any diameter of pipe can be lined in the workshop or on site.

lined pipe system applications

PEXMART lined pipe systems has a number of applications

  • Manufacture and line new abrasion pipelines.
  • Repair and rehabilitate old existing abrasion pipelines.
  • HDPE lined fittings (Bends, Tees, concentric, eccentric, laterals, ect).
  • Manufacture pipelines for high and low pressure ratings.
  • Continuous lining of pipelines to the extend of 100mtr-1000mtr flangeless in between.

In all these application instances the HDPE liner provides the new or old steel pipe with greater strength and protection from erosion and corrosion by closing off the steel pipe inside walls from the flow. The interior walls of the HDPE liner are also very smooth, resulting in superior fluid flow due to a reduction in resistance and friction. All these properties make Pexmart lined pipe ideal for carrying corrosive and abrasive products such as acid water, crude oil, slurry, wet gas, raffinate and effluent.

HDPE lined fittings

Pexmart Lined pipe systems is SABS approved and we have successfully passed all ASTM F1545 requirements. All our HDPE lined fittings are pressure tested at 1.5 times more that our customer’s service pressure. This insures our customers of world class HDPE lined fittings being produced in our lined pipe manufacturing facility.

"Successful pipeline projects have one thing in common – successful pipeline people"

The Pexmart turnkey integrity solution

Our overall philosophy is to provide the most value to each of our customers by providing the ultimate pipeline turnkey solution. As a recognized leader, Pexmart strive to meet the challenges and demands of the pipeline industry by providing the best corrosion protection system, educating our customer on regulations and compliance, providing knowledgeable and respected corrosion experts in pipeline integrity, management, and delivering a complete turnkey solution to our customers every time.

Pexmart turnkey integrity solution

Project working crews on site

  • Materials management and procurement
  • Civils
  • Steel pipeline construction and welding
  • HDPE continuous butt welding
  • Continuous HDPE lining system
  • Pipeline pre-commissioning and commissioning

Material Management and procurement

Materials management and procurement encompasses a number of invaluable roles needed to maintain production and cost efficiency. Pexmart is highly committed to making sure that production is supported from the initial quote of a project to the planning of production volumes and success that exceed all our customers’ requirement.

Pexmart Construction Team

Our civil construction team with an extensive knowledge of local terrains and conditions and a proven track record of delivery on time and within budget. Key staff has national and international experience working in the mining, commercial and industrial sector.

Pexmart Construction Team

Lined Pipe service includes

  • Civil road construction for optimum pipeline route. This covers detailed earthworks (Anchor blocks, expansion and contraction loops, and retaining walls) site clearing, cut and fill, site rehabilitation and dust suppression.
  • Roads and access ways- construction and repair.
  • Clear and grub roads in preparation for pipeline construction.
  • Site rehabilitation including rehabilitation of pipelines.
  • Lay down areas, and storage yards.
  • Construction of pipe storage berm walls.
  • Pipeline culvert crossings.

Steel pipeline construction and welding – ASTM-F – 1545

The welding quality and internal seam line-up in pipeline welding is crucial to avoid defects during the HDPE lining process. Pexmart lined pipe systems have set up guidelines to avoid these defects by using the best pipeline welding equipment. The correct internal line-up pipe clamp is used for welding preparation to avoid edge miss- alignment and provide full alignment to the weld seam during the entire welding process.

HDPE continuous butt welding

Butt welding

HDPE continuous butt welding

The most important event during the continuous lining process is the thermal butt fusion method being used by Pexmart. Thermal butt fusion provides an economical and fast method of delivering a complete, long continuous length of HDPE pipe. The fused joints are as strong as the pipe itself, providing a continuous leak proof system. Our qualified and expert technician us high-tech welding machines (we mainly use Widos and Rothenberger) to enhance the efficiency, productivity and safety of their job. Pexmart welding staff are available for every given time frame with a welding strategy of "For every meter steel pipe welded, a meter of HDPE liner butt-welded"

Continuous HDPE lining system

This system provides a continuous HDPE liner that protects the carbon steel pipeline from all internal corrosive elements. It also reduces friction and operating pressures in the pipeline and provides a substantial cost saving on flanges, energy bill and cost saving compared to replacement of carbon steel. The system also provides the reduction of risk associated with leaks and environmental issues. This process utilizes a folded HDPE liner that is inserted into carbon steel pipelines. The liner is custom extruded to be the exact internal diameter of the steel pipe. The process relies on a folding machine to reduce the liner to diameter smaller than that of the inside of the steel pipe. Pexmart lined pipe systems uses a winch to pull the liner through the folding machine and into the steel pipe itself. After the liner is installed, HDPE sealing stubs are butt-welded to the ends of the liner and then covered with blowing flanges. Compressed air is then inserted into the HDPE liner and with the elastic nature of the HDPE material causes the liner to expand tight against the steel pipe internal wall. Long pipeline lengths 100mtr-1000mtr can be achieved depending on the pipeline route and contours of the area.

Pipeline pre-commissioning and commissioning

After a pipeline is constructed and before it is put into service there are a number of key activities required in order to ensure that the pipeline meets the requirements of its owner or operators.

Pipeline pre-commissioning is used for bolt-up cleaning and commissioning of the pipeline and by doing inspections using torque converters with correct torque settings, CCTV camera inspections and pressure testing (Hydro or pneumatic) ect. Therefore, it must be considered that the core activity of pipeline construction and maintenance. This requires the provision of committed management, accurate strategy planning and a highly skilled team of field personnel witch is exactly what Pexmart has been provided.

"We plan, execute and ensure compliance"

Engineering and Drafting of Piping Systems

Engineering & Drafting of Piping Systems

  • Wall thickness testing on all types of pipe
  • Complete design of a pipeline and plant pipe system
  • Engineer drawings of any plant or pipeline
  • Standardisation of all fittings with in a new or existing plant