Supplier and Manufacturer of HDPE Pipes & Fittings in South Africa

PEXMART is a South African based Company that provides an impeccable thus cost-effective HDPE Pipe Manufacturer and Supplier service to an International market. As leaders in the industry we tailor our services to meet your needs. Whether it is a small welding solution or a major industrial contract, PEXMART will utilize all possible resources to ensure a quick and effective result.

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HDPE Pipe Manufacturing Plant at Rosslyn, Gauteng, South Africa

HDPE Manufacturing Plant
HDPE Pipe Manufacturing Plant
PEXMART, expanding into Africa

PEXMART, expanding into Africa

With more than 30 years’ experience in HDPE pipe manufacturing, supply and installation across Africa.

PEXMART is a South African based Company that provides an impeccable thus cost-effective HDPE Pipe and fittings supply in Africa.

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Black HDPE Pipe Suppliers & Manufacturers

HDPE Pipe Manufacturer, Supplier

PEXMART is a manufacturer of quality HDPE Black pipes and a distributor of the various fittings you'll need for your pipes. Stringent quality controls have been implemented at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the quality.

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Spiral Structured Wall HDPE Pipe

Spiral HDPE Pipe

SPIRAL HDPE PIPE produces a spirally wound structured wall pipe manufactured from PE-HD known as SPIRAL StructuredWallHDPE Pipe. It is available in diameters ranging from 400mm to 3 500mm.

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Micro Ducting

Pexmicro Duct

PEXMART manufactures of HDPE micro ducting.

  • 110mm Corrugated HDPE pipe with coupling and rubber seals
  • HDPE PEXOPTEX orange pipe 32mm,40mm and 50mm
  • PEXMICRO DUCT = 8/5, 12/10, 14/10 ducting in 1 Way, 2 Way, 4 Way, 7 Way and 12 Way
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Lined Pipe Systems

Lined Pipe Systems

PEXMART lined pipe systems are ideal for corrosive and abrasive products such as acid water, crude oil, slurry, wet gas, raffinate and effluent. HDPE liner provides old or new steel pipes with greater strength and protection from erosion and corrosion by closing off the steel pipe inside walls from the flow.

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PEXMART Services and Support

HDPE Pipe & Fittings Services

We ensure that the service we provide is carried out to our client’s fullest satisfaction. PEXMART specialize in thermoplastic welding & installations of diversified high performance range of Plastic Pipes and Fittings. Only piping manufactured according to SABS ISO 4427 standards & specifications are used. At PEXMART we manufacture pipe products for mining, agriculture, industrial and building & civil.

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HDPE Water Tanks

PEXMART has created a water tank that can service a large amount of people, schools, municipalities, mines and even hospitals.

  • HDPE Water Tanks can last up to 50 Years
  • We can manufacture any size of water tank
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Water Tank

PEX-FLEX, range of flexible PVC hoses

Pexmart is proud to introduce the PEX-FLEX range of flexible PVC hoses now available in our growing product basket.

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Flame Retardant Pipe for underground mining

What is HDPE?

HDPE stands for High-Density Polyethylene and is found in containers with the recycle symbol 2 and its in common house hold items like your milk jugs, detergent bottles, plastic bags, plastic pipes and fittings. HDPE is a very durable plastic designed to withstand high temperatures (110 °C / 230 °F).

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HDPE Recycling symbols 2

Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Manufacturer and Suppliers

Sanitizer Stand

The Freestanding Pedal Hand Sanitizer distributing stand is a cost effective and sanitary way to distribute hand sanitizer to the public. Easy to refill.

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Sanitizing Booth Manufacturer and Suppliers

Sanitizing Tunnels

Our COVID-19 Safe Walk Through Sanitizing Tunnels is designed for purpose of a full disinfection.

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