Spiral Structured Wall HDPE Pipe

SPIRAL HDPE PIPE produces a spirally wound structured wall pipe manufactured from PE-HD known as SPIRAL StructuredWallHDPE Pipe. It is available in diameters ranging from 400mm to 3 500mm.

The SPIRALStructured Wall HDPE Pipesystem is economical and competitive, as the structured wall concept creates a pipe with superior ring stiffness, utilising considerably less raw material than conventional solid walled thermoplastic pipes of equal stiffness.

A wide range of profile sizes and winding Pitches are available for almost all requirements in any type of soil condition.

Product range as follows

  • Spiral Structured Wall HDPE Pipe from 400mm to 3500mm in ID with integral socket & spigot
  • Manholes from 400mm to 3500mm in ID
  • Fabricated tanks from 400mm to 3500mm in ID
  • Our tanks are all custom fabricated according to the client’s specifications
  • Stubs from 110mm to 1000mm
Spiral HDPE Manholes

Spiral HDPE Pipe Catalaogue