Pexmart manufactures HDPE micro-ducting.

We manufacture and supply HDPE fiber Optic Sleeves of the highest quality

HDPE Microduct manufacturing of the highest quality

  • 110mm Corrugated HDPE pipe with coupling and rubber seals
  • HDPE PEXOPTEX orange pipe 32mm,40mm and 50mm
  • PEXMICRO DUCT = 8/5, 12/10, 14/10 ducting in 1 Way, 2 Way, 4 Way, 7 Way and 12 Way

Pexmicro Duct (micro ducting) Features

  • Designed for slots and micro-trenches
  • Simple line of connectivity products
  • Robust, highly resistant to crushing
  • Nominal sheath thickness is 1.0mm
Pexmicro Duct

Pexmicro Duct (micro ducting) Benefits

  • Requires less technical skills and time in the field to make connections
  • Ducts are future proof
  • Can be used in any environment
  • Hydro transport systems – Cement / clinker, Coal, sand slurry & other abrasive slurries like iron ore, Fly ash conveyance, etc
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems & Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Handles edible oils, fruit juices & pulps , Milk and other Food Materials
  • For Air Conditioning & Ducting
  • Sewer, storm & Sanitary Pipelines

HDPE Micro ducting is know for its 1-way to 7-way hexagon and round piping

1-way to 7-way hexagon and round piping

We supply fiber pipe products & services to:

  • Associations
  • Building & civil
  • Chemical, food & beverage
  • Materials handling
  • Institutes & councils
  • Mechanical
  • Mining
  • Water & wastewater treatment industries